HomeWizard Energy API

With the HomeWizard Energy platform, you can get insights in your energy usage. Use the HomeWizard Wi-Fi P1 meter to access real-time data directly from your smart meter, the HomeWizard Wi-Fi Energy Socket to get energy insights from all your devices, the HomeWizard Wi-Fi kWh meter to measure devices such as solar panels and the HomeWizard Wi-Fi Watermeter to get insight in your water usage. With the open API you can integrate the data directly into your system of choice.

API Introduction

The HomeWizard Wi-Fi P1 meter, Wi-Fi Energy Socket, Wi-Fi kWh meter and Wi-Fi Watermeter (‘device’) have a local API to retrieve the most recent measurements or control the device. You can access this API as long as you are connected to the same (Wi-Fi) network as the device and the API is enabled in the HomeWizard Energy app. This API is intended to connect your device to your own automation, home automation or graphing system. It is not possible to retrieve data history with the local API, as this is not stored on the device itself.

Terms and conditions

  1. License: The HomeWizard Energy API is licensed, not sold. HomeWizard grants the user a non-exclusive license (with no right to sub-license) to the HomeWizard Energy API for personal, non-commercial use.

  2. Usage The user may not directly or indirectly use the HomeWizard Energy API to sell, lease, loan or generate a revenue from a product, system or software using the API

  3. Support: The usage of the HomeWizard Energy API is officially supported by HomeWizard, however HomeWizard can not supply customer service regarding the implementation of the API in your own or third party applications.

First steps

To understand the basics of the API, you can read the Getting Started guide. Read API endpoints to know all about the datapoints that are available.

More advanced topics: Error handling | Discovery | Versioning and updates